Wine Aia de Ma Rossese DOC 750 ml

Wine Aia de Ma Rossese DOC 750 ml


Rossese DOC in 750 ml bottle

Aia de Ma

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Rossese DOC wine in 750 ml bottle

Characteristics :

Rossese is a Ligurian wine with a light ruby red color. Smell broad, intense, persistent, fine, fruity,

with hints of rose, strawberry, raspberry combined with a faint vinousness. The flavor is dry, savory but

discreetly soft, pleasantly warm, balanced structure, continuous, with typical bitter background.

Gradation from : from 11

Total acidity : 5 per thousand.


in 750 ml glass bottle

Gastronomic pairings :

Rossese is a dry red Ligurian wine suitable for accompanying first courses such as ravioli alla genovese,

trenette (fettuccine) and risotto with meat sauce, cannelloni and courses such as cima genovese, veal

with mushrooms and many other regional Italian dishes.

How to serve and store Rossese

It is best served at a temperature of 16°-17°C, in goblet glasses with a medium stem.

In the cellar, bottles are placed in a lying position, in the shelves designated for red wines.

The optimal time for consumption is one to two years, depending on the vintage.

Weight :

Gross Weight 900 grams


Minimum expiry date according to legislation

Italy Production


Marchetti Sergio

Municipality Imperia

Region of Liguria

Italy State


The sale of wine and alcohol products is prohibited to those under the age of 18.

The user also states that, who will receive the alcoholic product,

Will be of age according to the legislation applicable to the latter.


Given the World Product Supply Crisis period, everything related to Packaging,

so jars, labels, and boxes may vary, clearly the product inside remains of the

quality guaranteed by us.

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